Thursday, June 16, 2005


This is my Story, this is my Song.

"Be angry, but sin not."

That is the warning from the Word of God.

I am disturbed and sleepless. Many thoughts kept me awake.

I could hear echoes of distant Talking Drums

Echoing in my eardrums

But, I am afraid that they are only the drumbeats of my tantrums.

“Enlighten the people, generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like spirits at the dawn of day.”

Thomas Jefferson


You speak true words.

My revolutionary kinsmen in the Niger Delta have been branded terrorists as well.

This happened when they threatened to blow up all the oil and gas refineries and tankers. They made breaking news on CNN.
They were branded terrorists and to make the label justified, the news mentioned their leader who is an Islamic convert, Alhaji Moajid Asari Dokubo. But, the CNN did not report when the Nigerian government sent armed forces to terrorize the villages in the Niger Delta and houses were razed, people were killed and women were raped.

I was once a refugee child in Nigeria. So, I can relate with the agonies from my own experience. And I have a grown up cousin who is a product of a Nigerian soldier raping one of my aunts. She is black and beautiful. Her mother is now dead. And we don't mention the circumstances of her birth. And we also don't mention how her mother died. Her husband beat her to death.

Most people don't understand it when I post all these issues.

They are not fiction.

I have been traumatized to the point of becoming a suicide bomber in the Niger Delta. To blow myself up with all the oil and gas refineries and gas plants. And put an end to the nightmares. Because, these oil and gas resources have done us more harm than good. Thousands have been killed in pipeline explosions, tribal wars over oil wells and government forces going on rampage in our villages over illegal oil bunkering. So, I was fed up. But, I have not done so, because of the fear of God. And to believe in the hope I have in my faith in God. Hoping for divine intervention. Otherwise, it would have happened. So, I am a victim of terrorism. This is my story, this is my song.

I am now a peacemaker simply for the same reasons mentioned above.
War makes the crisis worse. So, let us make peace from the living room to the street. But, this seems like an elusive dream, because the weapons of war are still being manufactured and we are the guinea pigs of their experiments.

The violent acts of terrorism on the streets of New York and in Soweto claim over 11,000 lives every year.

The UN should have insisted on making peace between America and Iraq and we would have been saved from the horrors we watch everyday on our TV screens and computer monitors.

The innocent men and women would have been saved the horrible death of beheadings.

Yet the UN is running skelter-skelter over UZBEKISTAN?
When, worst massacres happened in Nigeria in several villages in the Niger Delta only last year. And the Nigerian government and her Western Masters covered up the crimes from the eyes of the world press? There were over 10,000 refugees in Nigeria last year. And there are still hundreds who are wandering without any roof over their heads in Nigeria. They have become emergency refugees in their own country. And some people want me to close my eyes and stick my forefingers into my ears and shut my mouth? But, I can still hear the echoes of the blood of the innocent victims of the evil tyrants crying out for justice like the blood of Abel.

Should I accept such double standards and hypocrisies?
And clap my hands for the US and NATO and the UN?
I would rather commit suicide than be silent and watch the innocent writhe in the torment of tyranny.


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